Out an about in London Town? Looking for a sweet fix nearby? No worries, check out my handy dessert map below. I'll be updating the map on a regular basis so check back here often.

Eventually you'll never have those problems searching through endless websites and blogs looking for somewhere to grab a trasty treat. It'll be right here in your pocket at all times. Make sure you bookmark this page!

Every location is colour coded by a rating out of 5 stars (the key is below the map). This makes it easy to see what I personally consider a great choice. Of course it's all subjective, so please feel free to comment if you feel otherwise and give suggestions. It's nice to hear what people think and together via your responses we'll make this the definitive guide for eating sweet in London and maybe one day even beyond.

The only concern you have now is where to choose from? Decisions, decisions.

Handy tip. Click on the icon in the far right of the bar below (to open in your map app) and switch on your location service and see what's close by instantly.

        RED = ★★★★★

ORANGE = ★★★★☆

 YELLOW = ★★★☆☆

   GREEN = ★★☆☆☆

      BLUE = ★☆☆☆☆

       BLACK = Not yet rated