Kova has just recently opened up in the little hidden spot of St. Annes Court in Soho. It's a Japanese inspired cafe that serves up some delicious looking East Asian delicacies.

There are quite a few of these popping up around the Soho area now, so how does Kova fit into the mix? Let's check out some of their desserts and find out.

Chocolate Butterscotch Tart

The Sweet Space Photography ©

Seriously wow, what a showstopper. The butterscotch glaze over the mousse is just perfect. You can literally see full reflections up close, very impressive.

The mousse is light and smooth and the pastry is thin as you like, with a nice textural crunch that contrasts with the creamier elements. Despite the bright look to the dessert it actually has a richer, darker chocolaty taste, almost recognisable as coffee oddly enough.

This is a delicious treat. Kova has me impressed so far.

Raspberry & Rose Tart

The Sweet Space Photography ©

Another beautiful looking dessert. This time packed full of fresh raspberries and with a rose cream hidden underneath.

The Chocolate Butterscotch may have won in the looks department, but after much deliberation, I'm going to say I think this tart is the better one of the two (controversial).

The rose flavour is just spot on and the raspberries only add more bang for your buck. it's packed full of sweetness, freshness, lightness and has all the texture of the first to boot, if not more.


Both tarts were £5.50 to takeaway (so £11 total), eating in is slightly higher (albeit with limited seating). The prices are fairly competitive for the area approximately matching those of the nearby L'etto Caffe just a minute away and having just as much quality, possibly better.

The Kova staff were really polite and accomodating. When asked about the use of gelatine in both tarts they went out of their way to contact the chef (not in the location at the time). They informed me they use fish gelatine in their mousse, which for many of us is fine but worthwhile noting down.

They also do mille crêpes, Japanese cheesecakes and selection of layered cakes, all of which look amazing and many of which will be fine for those with dietry restrictions, happy days.

Rating ★★★★☆ (4/5)