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Wow would you believe it. I fInally have the dessert blog up and running. It's about bloody time.

It's probably going to feel slightly basic for a while but hey, it's the first post, and I've got plenty of learning and growing to do. I have some super ideas for making desserts more accessible, so hopefully I can realise my goals right here.

As far as I'm aware, there is no dedicated dessert blog (at least not for restaraunts etc). It's a gap that needs to be filled, much like my stomache needs filling with cake... and ice cream... and well you get the point.

Firstly my disclaimer. I always ask specifically if things such as alcohol and geletine (from animal extracts) are used in anyway to create the products. I won't be eating anything with either, so I'll be referencing that if it needs to be said. Generally everything should be safe for vegetarians, but likely not vegans unless stated otherwise. It's always better to directly contact a place if you're interested in going and have dietry requirements.

So with that all out the way, let's get to it shall we? Welcome to your Sweet Space. Hope you enjoy.

The Sweet Space Photography ©