I've worked in edit houses around Soho for years now and my first proper experience with Portugese Natas (Pastéis de Nata) were at a stall on Berwick St Market. They used to sell them for £1 and were some of the best little things ever, even if the pastry became soggy being in a paper bag for two hours. That stall has long since gone and has left a nata sized hole in my life.

Thankfully, I Love Nata has come to mend my broken tummy.


Walking in you'll realise how small the interior is, it's quite a tight fit. There is seating outside if you can snag one, but in the cold winter you may not want to. Inside you're transported to "Nataland", look down for darker, golden pastry hues and up for... custard yellow. I do feel a bit overwhelmed by the yellow, it's not my favourite colour at the best of times and it's pretty intense here.

Interior aside though, we're here for one thing (they only do one thing) the natas. For a place that literally has a variation of one item on their menu it'd had better be great. I'll admit I got used to the soggy pastry from the market stall, but luckily you won't get any of that here.


I Love Nata's pastry is crisp and flaky and a salivating golden tone. The hero of the day though is the custard. It's texture is velvety to a next level, with that warming hint of cinnamon buzzing throughout. It's perfectly caramalised on the top too and has just enough sweetness. You can dust more sugar on if you prefer, but personally I don't think it's necessary, even though it's a great photo op, because...why not!


To go with your super amazing pastries you can order a hot beverage, all of which come in a nifty looking branded glass or teacup, with branded sugar sachets and a little cinnamon stick on the side. If you didn't know where you were before you definitely will by the time you leave.

This cafe should really change it's name to "I Literally Love Nata". By the time you leave I expect you'll have nothing but praise for what they've accomplished with such a humble treat.

You can also buy chocolate and apple & cinnemon flavours, so there are now some options if something else floats your boat.

Rating ★★★★☆ (4/5)